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Our Features Include All of Our Services and How We Ensure That You Become #1 In Your Market. We Don't Just Advertise. We Grow. We Build. We Develop. We Maintain.

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Operational Strategies for Consistency & Growth

Underdog Solutions doesn't just wing it and jump both feet into building your brand and marketing. We begin with a full-service audit of your brand and your marketing reach to identify areas of strength and opportunity for your business. Once we have completed an audit, we create a plan for targeted results and maximized rewards for each dollar spent.

Brand Design & Development for Online Presence

Once we have completed your audit and our team and yours is on the same page for expansion, we begin to put our creative minds together to build something memorable and connecting for your customers. Our job is to develop a brand that your target customer relates to and wants to associate with to help you convert leads and maximize your online potential for new business.

Focused Competitive Research & Planning

Once we have your brand developed and a true representation of your company's story and what you represent, we begin to focus on the leading competition in the market and their average spend. This will help guide us in determining what marketing budget is winning in your market and how we maximize your ad spend to show above and better than your competitors.

Dynamic Ad Designs For Increased Conversions

We create dynamic ad designs to make sure that we use the three second rule to grab your customers attention and gain an ad click. We then create beautifully designed and user friendly click funnels to help ensure lead generation and to provide you with the tools you need to close the sale.

Real-Time Result Management & Improvement

We pride ourselves on being the agency that has a live representative overseeing your brand, ads, reach, and audience on a daily basis. We don't just post on your accounts, but we instead post engaging daily posts, manage your content, update your tags, engage with your audience, and commit to showing your consistent and active presence online so you don't have to.

Dynamic Content Management for Increased Audience Reach

We are committed to making sure that we are testing our content to ensure that your audience is relating to what YOU have to say. We make it look like your business spends all day online interacting with the customers who fuel your business. While this seems nearly impossible to most business owners, it is essential to US.