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The All-in-One Solution for Your Branding, Marketing, & Print Needs.


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Finally, a PROVEN hands-on agency that creates customized brand marketing plans to ensure the success of YOUR business.

Audit Investigationwe start our process by completing a 16-point online audit to verify your current seo ranking, website crawlability, and online brand and marketing foundation. We send you a copy of your 15+ page report that shows you the areas you are excelling in and the areas of opportunity identified by both Underdog and our partnering SEO & digital marketing friends.

Brand Design & Representationwe then complete imagination sessions and customer-based round tables to ensure that your branding reaches your target customer and speaks to their current needs. We will then design a custom logo, typography & messaging, patterns, color palette, and more to ensure that your brand is consistent and noticeable across all platforms. This also includes designing show-stopping business cards, brand materials, and customer retention pieces to help you consistently close deals whether online or in person.

Marketing Foundationwe then ensure that all of your marketing foundations and platforms are consistent with your branding, accurate, and connected to all of your lead generation sources, to ensure that your digital marketing receives its maximum potential for your ad spend.  This includes establishing/updating your Google Business, Apple Business, and social media/third-party business profiles to provide more than 25 marketing opportunities for your business.

Digital Marketing Subscriptionwe then take over all of the day to day marketing tasks required to be successful online. We post on up to 5 social platforms daily, create one weekly blog, manage and oversee digital advertisements, (based on your desired ad spend), and build an online community of people loyal to your product or service, based on your brand message.  Review our Full-Service Package to get more details on our full-service subscriptions and all of the services we offer!

US Branding for SIte (3).png
US Branding for SIte (3).png

Packages Starting As Low As $299 to Get Started Growing.

Hear From Some of Our Favorite Clients

Dante, Owner of Hope Springs Living Community

Underdog Solutions helped Dante and his team license the facility, build and develop a memorable brand, and market the Residential Sober Living Community to the local market to fill his home and start billing for patients within his first four months in operation. Watch the video to hear Dante talk about the impact Underdog made on his business with a 12-month Full-Service Marketing Package.

Damien, Owner of DS Tax Services

Underdog Solutions helped Damien and his team of Tax Specialists create a disruptive brand and build a marketing foundation to help attract clients to his tax filing business. In a saturated market, the Underdog marketing plan helped Damien capture a 143% business increase and create a marketing foundation that led to more than 100 qualified leads and 15 converted sales in 30 days. Watch the video to hear Damien talk about the impact Underdog made on his business with a 12-month Full-Service Marketing Package.

Vereen, Owner of Memorable Candles

Underdog helped Vereen develop a brand, create a marketing foundation, and open an e-commerce business set up for success. Underdog's digital designs helped Vereen launch her business and gain traction online for her business, Memorable Candles. Watch the video to hear Vereen talk about her experience with the Underdog team and the impact it made on her business with a 12-month Full-Service Marketing Package.

Niko, Owner of Carolina Discount Movers

Underdog helped Niko and his team capture a growing market in The Triangle and make his first year in business one to remember. Moving his business from Arizona to NC, Niko came to Underdog to help build a new brand-that spoke to his customers & gained trust, and create a marketing campaign that would help ensure his success in a new market. Niko's Underdog campaign was able to generate his business more than $70,000 in revenue and create organic lead generation that has led to continued record breaking month after month. Watch the video to see what impact Underdog made on Niko's business with a 12-month Full-Service Marketing Package.

Schedule a FREE consultation with a Success Manager at Underdog Solutions to see if your business qualifies for a full-service brand & marketing package.

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