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10 Little to No-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

10 proven low-cost small business marketing ideas:

  1. Create a dynamic organic social media marketing strategy

  2. Focus on your SEO ranking

  3. Door to door efforts

  4. Join networking groups

  5. Produce video tutorials

  6. Jump on the band wagon and talk about the trending topics

  7. Partner with other small businesses

  8. Collect customer feedback

  9. Enter local awards

  10. Attend and host local events

Create an organic social media marketing strategy

While many business owners believe that social media is only successful for their business if they have a giant advertising budget to run multiple ads at one time, the opposite can also be the truth. Creating a strategic 6-month social media marketing strategy that includes post purpose, story strategy, engagement, and a strategy for your overall contribution could be game changing for your business.

Focus on your SEO ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has a lot more pieces than the average business owner acknowledges. Maintaining and growing your SEO means putting in the work to making sure that the search engine algorithm knows that your business is active, consistent, and trustworthy. Some tips to growing your SEO rank online organically include:

  • Posting weekly blogs in your market;

  • Daily posting on all of your linked social media accounts;

  • Linking your content together;

  • Strategically using and updating your 7 highlight key words;

  • Adding explainers and meta tags to all of your website media, content, and hyperlinks.

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