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being the difference.

Committed to

The deals worth signing aren't signed by sitting in front of a computer or burying yourself in paperwork & busy work. The real business growth happens when you're out in the world connecting with people  & creating opportunities, working smarter. We take over the day to day marketing tasks so that you can free your time & make connections.

We help you work smarter... not harder.

Underdog Solutions "US" is a full-service business solution committed to assisting small businesses in overcoming the scalability curve to fast-track the roadmap to success.

We are not your typical agency with disconnected liaison's and untrained marketing robots. At Underdog, you are hiring a fully invested Director of Operations & Marketing, a trained Executive Creative Director, and an entire team of support affiliates and specialists, focused on helping support the vision.

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the       marketing agency


Being conscious of what failed within the agency, they used the next two years to continue to build WITHOUT charging any advertising fees. They immersed themselves in advanced digital marketing skills training / digital design & re-built the foundation of the business around a start-up of their own.


With their new-found proven formula for success, they rebranded the agency and re-opened to clients in 2019. Generating and managing more than $8 million within the following 24-months, Avauntee & Niko built the agency they envisioned with nothing more than grit and a relentless desire to better themselves and their results.

Underdog Solutions "US" was founded in 2016 by Avauntee & Niko Andrepoint. After spending 3 1/2 lucrative years as a corporate-level Director of Operations/Administrator, generating more than an 84% overall revenue increase & 97.3% increase in effective operations, Avauntee found her life's passion in business operations & efficiency through brand story design & marketing.


Like many other new businesses, year one was a battle. Ultimately taking some losses in the market throughout year one and learning some difficult lessons, Avauntee & Niko decided to take a step back and analyze the business, the core principle, and the wins/failures that occurred within the 12-month run.

Today, Underdog Solutions is more than an agency. It's a movement for the everyday Underdog and a safe haven for "underdog" business owners around the United States. Together they're making their impact by defying the odds & helping Underdogs WIN.

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getting started is as easy as




step one

We complete a Brand Discovery Call ("BDC")

We schedule a call with you/your team and ask a series of simple questions that will help US understand how you believe your brand should be represented online vs. how your brand is currently performing. This FREE 60-90 minute call helps US to determine your goals, your story, and build an understanding of your niche.

step two

We complete an Advanced Brand Presence Audit ("ABPA").

Our team conducts an advanced multi-search engine & keyword audit of your brand and the overall consumer & response experience.  We then take a deep dive to discover what value you are providing your consumers & answer the question, "can we / an algorithm trust this business?" We then run a comprehensive SEO scan for more than 40 channels to compile an extensive brand audit.

step three

We generate your Audit Report & Send For Your Review.

Using all of the information gathered by each of our departments, we compile a 13+ page Audit Summary Report ("ASR") giving you a comprehensive understanding of your current performance, your brand's SWOT, and what we believe our agency can do for you. Once you've had some time to look it through & make some decisions, we meet to prepare for your launch date.

Continually immersing US into learning & growing within the industry.

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Underdog is dedicated to helping small businesses, teams, organizations, and nonprofits, build a comprehensive understanding of their industry demand that collaboratively works to build a niched short and long term marketing strategy for success. We thoroughly research and implement the holistic needs of each client and execute the integration of a tested and industry-proven strategy into your existing business structure. With sustainable operations as the primary goal to every plan generated, Underdog sets itself apart by committing to building the business - not the database.


“In a nutshell, we are relentlessly committed to the growth and sustainability of each of our clients. We pride our success on our 3C model to ensure that each of our full-service endeavors receive one on one attention to strategy, implementation, and accurate execution."

Our team addresses both the internal and external needs of each client to ensure that a solid foundation is established and maintained to support marketing efforts and return. This ensures that your growth is not dependent on US, but instead on the foundation you've worked so hard to build upon.